Towards an unhackable quantum internet

Eurekalert  March 23, 2020 To send quantum signals across large distances without loss a team of researchers in the US (Harvard University, MIT) found a way to correct for signal loss with a prototype quantum node that can catch, store and entangle bits of quantum information by integrating an individual color-center into a nanofabricated diamond cavity, which confines the information-bearing photons and forces them to interact with the single color-center. They placed the device in a dilution refrigerator, which reaches temperatures close to absolute zero, and sent individual photons through fiber optic cables into the refrigerator, where they were efficiently […]

World’s first link layer protocol brings quantum internet closer to a reality  August 20, 2019 Researchers in the Netherlands have developed a link layer protocol they identified for use in fundamental and technological design considerations of quantum network hardware. They illustrated it by considering the state-of-the-art quantum processor platform, Nitrogen-Vacancy (NV) centers in diamond. They examined the robustness and performance of the protocol. They implemented the protocol and successfully validated the physical simulation model against data gathered from the NV hardware. The protocol is robust. They studied the performance of the protocols for 169 distinct simulation scenarios and initiated the study of quantum network scheduling strategies to optimize protocol performance for […]

QuTech researchers put forward a roadmap for quantum internet development

Delft University of Technology (the Netherlands)  October 18, 2018 Researchers in the Netherlands describe six phases, starting with simple networks of qubits that could already enable secure quantum communications – a phase that could be reality in the near future. The development ends with networks of fully quantum-connected quantum computers. In each phase, new applications become available such as extremely accurate clock synchronization or integrating different telescopes on Earth in one virtual ‘supertelescope’. This work creates a common language that unites the highly interdisciplinary field of quantum networking towards achieving the dream of a world-wide quantum internet… read more. TECHNICAL […]