Solar-powered system extracts drinkable water from ‘dry’ air

MIT News  October 14, 2020 An international team of researchers (USA – MIT, University of Utah, South Korea) had developed a similar device as a proof of concept. The system, harnessed temperature difference within the device to allow an adsorbent material to draw in moisture from the air at night and release it the next day. The current work has demonstrated adsorption-based solar-thermal-driven atmospheric water harvesting (AWH) in arid regions, but the daily water productivity remained low. They developed and tested a dual-stage AWH device with optimized transport. By recovering the latent heat of condensation of the top stage and […]

Compact water harvester sucks H20 from the air

The Engineer  August 28, 2019 A team of researchers in the US (UC Berkeley, University of South Alabama) showed that a microporous aluminum-based metal-organic framework, MOF-303, can perform an adsorption–desorption cycle within minutes under a mild temperature swing. These findings were implemented in a new water harvester capable of generating 7-10 litres of water per day. The study demonstrates that creating sorbents capable of rapid water sorption dynamics, rather than merely focusing on high water capacities, is crucial to reach water production on a scale matching human consumption…read more. Open Access TECHNICAL ARTICLE