Charting the future of science and technology

Asia Research News  February 4, 2020 Pressing issues in science and technology, including in healthcare and climate change, took centre-stage at the eighth Global Young Scientists Summit 2020 held in Singapore from January 14 to 17. The event was organised by the National Research Foundation Singapore to provide a platform for conversations on science and research, technology innovation and global issues. The theme of the conference was “Advancing Science, Creating Technologies for a Better World”. 325 outstanding young scientists interacted with 16 esteemed leaders in science and technology…read more.

Air Force unveils 10-year cyber warfare plan

Defense Systems  September 22, 2019 The Air Force released an overview of its 10-year Cyber Warfare Flight Plan which attempts to fuse all the best parts of electronic, cyber, and information operations. The unclassified strategy overview highlights building up talent and fielding agile, scalable, modular cyber warfare training as the foundational component. The plan indicates developing increasing offensive and defensive cyber operations capabilities, enterprise HF architecture to modernize warfighter needs, Air Force global communications, data strategy, open architecture infrastructure and platforms to improve data flow and analysis…read more.

US Has to Out Innovate China in Long Term Technology Competition

Next Big Future  May 30, 2019 China is seeking technological self-sufficiency and even superiority in key industries. It has concentrated military spending on advanced technologies. Its Belt and Road Initiative proposes a trillion-dollar investment program to project China’s influence across the world. According to Asia Times the US should offer an alternative Belt and Road Initiative to support the industrial and technological transformation of developing countries, Engineer brain drain from China, where top scientists, technologist and entrepreneurs are enticed to move to the US focus on new military technology, require semiconductors to be made at US-based fabs, recreate powerful corporate […]

EU US Roadmap Nanoinformatics 2030

Nanowerk  November 15, 2018 The Roadmap is a compilation of state-of-the-art commentaries from multiple interconnecting scientific fields, combined with issues involving nanomaterial risk assessment and governance by an international team of researchers from the EU, US and other countries. The authors address three recognised challenges facing nanoinformatics: 1) limited data sets; 2) limited data access; and 3) regulatory requirements for validating and accepting computational models. The main purpose of this roadmap is educational. By no means was the intention to provide all possible details. Instead, interested readers will find plenty of additional references mentioned in each of the chapters that […]