Countries convene to update chemical weapons prohibitions

Chemical and Engineering News  November 16, 2018 According to researchers in the UK, Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) must decide how best to evolve to prevent the reemergence of chemical weapons in a period of rapid scientific change and unstable international security. Among the key issues facing OPCW going forward are the development and use of riot-control agents, such as tear gas, and delivery systems for such agents. The nature of law-enforcement activities allowed under the treaty must be clarified. They also advocate for strengthening OPCW’s Technical Secretariat to better monitor science and technology advances and forecast […]

Trapping toxic compounds with ‘molecular baskets’  October 9, 2018 Researchers at Ohio State University created molecular baskets with amino acids around the rims. The amino acids helped find simulated nerve agents in a liquid environment and direct them into the basket. They started a chemical reaction by shining a light with a particular wavelength on the baskets which caused the amino acids to shed a carbon dioxide molecule, effectively trapped the nerve agents inside the baskets. The new molecule complex, no longer soluble in water, precipitates from the liquid and becomes a solid which can be filtered out. It is possible to develop baskets that […]