In a new quantum simulator, light behaves like a magnet  March 19, 2019 An international team of researchers (Switzerland, France, Japan) proposes a new “quantum simulator”, a photonic device that can be built and run with current experimental techniques. It may be built using superconducting coupled to laser fields in such a way that it causes an effective interaction among photons. It can simulate the complex behavior of real, interacting magnets at very low temperatures. They found that the photons behaved in the same way as magnetic dipoles across the quantum phase transition in real materials. The Using the new technique photons can be used to run a virtual […]

D-Wave demonstrates first large-scale quantum simulation of topological state of matter

Eurekalert  August 22, 2018 Researchers in Canada demonstrated a large-scale quantum simulation of this phenomenon in a network of 1,800 in situ programmable superconducting niobium flux qubits whose pairwise couplings are arranged in a fully frustrated square-octagonal lattice. They observed the emergence of a complex order parameter with continuous rotational symmetry, and the onset of quasi-long-range order as the system approaches a critical temperature. According to the researchers the approach of using a quantum processor as a programmable magnetic lattice will find widespread use in the simulation and development of exotic materials…read more.  TECHNICAL ARTICLE