Drone transmits uncompressed 4K video in real time using millimeter wave tech

Phys.org  July 1, 2019 Millimeter wave wireless communication is expected to be used in 5G because of the high-speed communication, but the problem is that communication distance is limited due to large attenuation of radio waves. An international team of researchers (Japan, USA – industry) has developed a video transmission system with a millimeter wave wireless communication device that uses a small, lightweight lens antenna that can be mounted on a drone. In tests, the team was able to use a drone to take video in 4K and transmit the video in real time from over 100 m in the […]

Geoscience data group urges all scientific disciplines to make data open and accessible

EurekAlert  June 4, 2019 According to a team of researchers in the US (AGU, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Brandeis University, Columbia University, University of Virginia, industry) scientists don’t share data for many reasons. Those who create data rarely receive credit, and when they do, recognition is often limited to citations. Scant support is available for curating data. These issues span all disciplines, but conversations are disconnected. That’s why more than 100 repositories, communities, societies, institutions, infrastructures, individuals and publishers (including Springer Nature, the publishers of Nature) have signed up since last November to the Enabling FAIR Data Project’s Commitment Statement in […]

A novel data-compression technique for faster computer programs

MIT News   April 16, 2019 Researchers at MIT have developed a process to compress objects across the memory hierarchy. This reduces memory usage while improving performance and efficiency. Programmers could benefit from this technique when programming in any modern programming language — such as Java, Python, and Go — that stores and manages data in objects, without changing their code. Consumers would see computers that can run much faster or can run many more apps at the same speeds. Because each application consumes less memory, it runs faster, so a device can support more applications within its allotted memory. In […]