Researchers fabricate co-doped aluminosilicate fiber with high laser stability for multi-kW level laser  November 27, 2020 Fiber fabrication technology have led to an exponential increase in the output power of CW fiber lasers. However, with further scaling the output power, photodarkening (PD) is the critical limit factor for long-term laser reliability under multi kW level output power. Researchers in China demonstrated stable performance in fiber fabricated the Yb/Ce codoped aluminosilicate laser. The molar ratio of Ce/Yb was designed and optimized to be 0.58 for low background loss, effective photodarkening suppression, and no additional thermal load. The background loss of was 4.7 dB/km and its photodarkening loss at equilibrium was as low as 3.9 […]

US Navy and Missile Defense Agency Megawatt Lasers by 2023-2024

Next Big Future  August 8, 2019 In 2018, the US Navy and Missile Defense Agency had targeted demonstrating megawatt lasers by 2023-2024. The US Army recently had an announcement of a contract for 250-300 kilowatt lasers on a large truck by 2024. This means that four container-sized laser power systems could be combined on a Navy ship or at a Missile Defense base for a megawatt laser. A large US Army truck is the same size as a shipping container. A mobile 250-kilowatt laser has all the power, fuel and electronics for module that could be used for a megawatt […]

Researchers develop first-of-its-kind optic isolator  July 13, 2018 Photonic isolator efficiency is necessary for applications that include quantum optics communication devices and building high-powered lasers. Researchers in Israel have constructed a spherical glass isolator. Light traveling in opposite directions is delivered to the sphere rotating at high speed. Counter-circulating light have different colors. In the future, the researchers may be able to generate such lasers that are based on vibrations where the restoring force is Casimir or Van der Waals. Using their self-aligned nano separation method might also allow MEMS… read more.