Is defense acquisition at an ‘inflection point?’

Defense Systems  April 19, 2019 A new Center for Strategic International Studies report found that in just two years, fiscal 2015 through 2017, Defense Department’s contract obligations increased more than 13 percent, three points higher than non-defense contracting. DOD’s total obligation authority grew just 5 percent. Starting in FY 2018, DOD put its focus on reform efforts and major organizational changes, namely acquisition system reform, moving to a commercial cloud (JEDI), and the 2018 defense spending bill’s general push for information technology services. Overall, the CSIS report found that defense acquisition is at an inflection point that will likely transform […]

Rising Asian Military Spending

Next Big Future  April 6, 2019 By 2030, the countries with top defense spending are expected to be: USA with over 1 trillion (had $611 billion in 2016), China with $736 billion (had 215 billion in 2016), and India with $213 billion (had 56 billion in 2016). China, with $228 billion military expenditure in 2017 is the world’s second largest spender, with its share representing 13% of world’s total, compared to 5.8% a decade ago. By 2020, Asia-Pacific military spending will be about the same as North America. North America will be 33% of global defense spending down from about […]