How a new quantum approach can develop faster algorithms to deduce complex networks

EurekAlert  March 3, 2020 Complex networks form the basis of various applications in virtually all fields of science. To analyze and manipulate these networks, specific “search” algorithms are required. But conventional search algorithms are slow and, when dealing with large networks, require a long computational time. To develop more efficient quantum algorithms researchers in Japan performed numerical simulations on some basic fractal lattices to try to find out the relationship between the number of vertices and the optimal computational time in a quantum walk search. They confirmed that the scaling law for some fractal lattices varied according to their spectral […]

Longest microwave quantum link  March 5, 2020 Currently there are computers with a few dozen qubits, but several hundreds of thousands of them are almost impossible to accommodate in existing devices as they need to be cooled down to temperatures close to the absolute zero of -273,15 degrees Celsius. To connect two superconducting quantum chips to exchange superposition states between them with minimal decoherence researchers in Germany cooled the chips to a few hundredths of a degree above absolute zero and demonstrated that the quantum link can be sufficiently cooled down to reliably transmit quantum information between two quantum chips. They will report […]

On the way to quantum networks  January 24, 2020 Entanglement between stationary quantum memories and photonic channels is the essential resource for future quantum networks. Together with entanglement distillation, it will enable efficient distribution of quantum states. Researchers in Germany entangled a rubidium atom with a photon and were able to detect the entangled state—which now shares the quantum properties of both particles—after its passage through a 20-km coil of optic fiber. Rubidium atoms emit photons with a wavelength of 780 nanometers which is rapidly absorbed. They built a quantum frequency converter that was specifically designed to increase the wavelength of the emitted photons from […]