Laser technology: The turbulence and the comb

Nanowerk  June 18, 2020 While investigating circular quantum cascade lasers, an international team of researchers (USA – Harvard University, Texas A&M, Yale University, Italy, Austria) found out that the circular mini-lasers can be used in a very simple way to produce frequency combs. They found that turbulence is the driving force that causes the oscillation leading to frequency combs. Optical frequency comb can be used to build tiny chemical sensors…read more. TECHNICAL ARTICLE 

Scientists build the smallest optical frequency comb to-date

Eurekalert  February 11, 2019 Electrically-driven, photonic chip-based microcombs are inhibited by the required high threshold power and the frequency agility of the laser for soliton initiation. An international team of researchers (Switzerland, Russia) has built an integrated soliton microcomb operating at a repetition rate of 88 GHz using a chip-scale indium phosphide laser diode and the silicon nitride microresonator. At only 1 cm in size, the device is the smallest of its kind to-date. A small portion of the laser light is reflected back to the laser due to intrinsic scattering from the microresonator. This direct feedback helps to both […]