Improving quantum dot interactions, one layer at a time

Science Daily  November 20, 2020 Controlling interaction between quantum dots could greatly improve charge transport, leading to more efficient solar cells. Researchers fabricated CdTe quantum dot superlattices via the layer-by-layer assembly of positively charged polyelectrolytes and negatively charged CdTe quantum dots to control the dimension of the quantum resonance by independently changing the distances between quantum dots in the stacking (out-of-plane) and in-plane directions. They experimentally verified the miniband formation. The fabrication method can be used with other types of water-soluble quantum dots and nanoparticles. Combining different types of semiconductor quantum dots, or combining semiconductor quantum dots with other nanoparticles, […]

Nanocrystal ‘factory’ could revolutionize quantum dot manufacturing  March 15, 2019 Researchers at North Carolina State University have developed a microfluidic system (called NC Factory) which starts with cesium lead bromide perovskite quantum dots and introduced various halide salts to precisely tune their fluorescence color across the entire spectrum of visible light. Anions in these salts replace the bromine atoms in the green-emitting dots with either iodine atoms (to move toward the red end of the spectrum) or chlorine atoms (to move toward blue). Coupled with continuous process monitoring, the system can precisely control both chemical composition and processing parameters. It can be used to continuously manufacture […]