New photonics breakthrough

Science Daily  December 13, 2019 An international team of researchers (USA – City College of New York, Russia) has shown that long-range interactions in the metamaterial changes the common behavior of light waves forcing them to localize in space. The study shows that by controlling the degree of such interactions one can switch between trapped and extended (propagating) character of optical waves. The new approach to trap light allows the design of new types of optical resonators, which may have significant impact on antennas in smartphones and Wi-Fi routers, and optical chips in optoelectronics used for transferring data over the […]

One device, many frequencies: Researchers create a unique, tiny resonator

Science Daily  March 5, 2019 A typical resonator in an electronic device responds to one signal with one corresponding frequency. An international team of researchers (USA – Argonne National Laboratory, Michigan State University, Florida Institute of Technology, Israel, Sweden) has developed and demonstrated a nonlinear micromechanical resonator which vibrates with a spectrum consisting of multiple frequencies evenly spaced due to the nonlinear mode coupling, in spite of the fact that it is driven by a single frequency. The novel behavior results from a saddle node on an invariant circle (SNIC) bifurcation. The resonator is an ideal test bed to study […]