Voices from DARPA- Episode 28: Swarm Commander

DARPA Outreach  June 11, 2020 In this episode of the Voices from DARPA podcast, the Tactical Technology Office manager delves into robotics and autonomous technology programs – the Subterranean (SubT) Challenge and OFFensive Swarm-Enabled Tactics (OFFSET). From robot soccer to live-fly experimentation programs involving dozens of UASs, how the programs aim to assist humans heading into unknown environments via advances in collaborative autonomy and robotics…read more.

DARPA Sets Date for Subterranean Challenge Competitors Day

DARPA  July 20, 2018 The goal of the DARPA Subterranean Challenge is to discover innovative solutions to rapidly and remotely map, navigate, and search complex underground environments, including human-made tunnel systems, urban and municipal underground infrastructure, and natural cave networks. The final event, planned for 2021, will put teams to the test with a course that incorporates diverse challenges from all three environments. The winner of the systems competition will take home a $2 million prize, while the winner of the virtual competition will earn a $750,000 prize… read more. BAA