Solving the mystery of quantum light in thin layers

Science Daily  October 15, 2019 Single-photon emitters play a key role in present and emerging quantum technologies. Several recent measurements have established monolayer WSe2 as a promising candidate for a reliable single-photon source. Researchers in Austria have shown that the origin and underlying microscopic processes responsible for this quantum light effect are the subtle interaction of single atomic defects in the material and mechanical strain. Computer simulations show how the electrons are driven to specific places in the material, where they are captured by a defect, lose energy and emit a photon…read more. TECHNICAL ARTICLE

Silicon carbide LEDs make bright single photon sources

Physics World  June 18, 2018 An international team of researchers (Germany, Japan, Sweden, South Korea) has discovered a variety of new colour centres in lateral p-i-n diodes made from a polytype (a crystal structure) of silicon carbide called 4H-SiC that contains naturally occurring divacancies. The newly-discovered centres emit non-classical light in the visible and near-infrared range. One type of defect can even be excited using electrical means. This means that it might be integrated into compact electronics devices as there would be no need for an additional bulky laser system to optically excite it. The work opens new directions both […]