Sound waves bypass visual limitations to recognize human activity  May 28, 2019 For human activity recognition (HAR) one or a few ultrasonic sensors are used to receive signals, which require many feature quantities of extraction from the received data to improve recognition accuracy. An international team of researchers (China, Japan) has developed a device based on a two-dimensional acoustic array and convolutional neural networks which uses a single feature quantity to characterize the sound of human activities and identify them. They tested their approach using a two-dimensional acoustic array with 256 receivers and four ultrasonic transmitters to gather data related to four different human activities—sitting, standing, walking and […]

Army scientists develop computational model to predict human behavior

Science Daily  October 24, 2018 To determine collective group behavior emerging from the dynamic behavior of individuals, researchers at the US Army Research Laboratory have developed a model bypassing time-consuming calculations and represent the sought-for sensitivity in a single parameter to show how an individual adapts to group behavior. They focused on constructing and interpreting the output of large-scale computer models of complex dynamic networks from which collective properties such as swarming, collective intelligence and decision making could be determined. In tests the model showed that the analytic solution to this new kind of equation coincides with the predictions of the […]