New $25-million center to advance quantum science and engineering

EurekAlert  July 21, 2020 A team of researchers (Harvard University, MIT, Stanford University, University of Delaware, University of Oregon, University of New Mexico, NIST, Los Alamos National Laboratory, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratory) led by the Colorado University is launching a new quantum science and engineering research center under a grant from NSF. Quantum Systems through Entangled Science and Engineering (Q-SEnSE) will explore several “grand challenges” including quantum phenomena, such as quantum entanglement, will advance new frontiers in measurement science; how quantum sensing can help researchers to discover new fundamental physics; and how researchers can turn those advancements into […]

U.S. R&D Increased by $32 Billion in 2017, to $548 billion; Estimate for 2018 Indicates a Further Rise to $580 billion

NSF News  January 8, 2020 New data from the National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics (NCSES) within the National Science Foundation indicate that research and experimental development performed in the United States totaled $547.9 billion in 2017. The estimated total for 2018, based on performer-reported expectations, is $580.0 billion. These numbers compare with U.S. R&D totals of $493.7 billion in 2015 and $406.6 billion in 2010. The U.S. R&D system consists of the activities of a diverse group of R&D performers and sources of funding. Included here are private businesses, the federal government, nonfederal governments, higher education institutions, and […]

Air Force unveils 10-year cyber warfare plan

Defense Systems  September 22, 2019 The Air Force released an overview of its 10-year Cyber Warfare Flight Plan which attempts to fuse all the best parts of electronic, cyber, and information operations. The unclassified strategy overview highlights building up talent and fielding agile, scalable, modular cyber warfare training as the foundational component. The plan indicates developing increasing offensive and defensive cyber operations capabilities, enterprise HF architecture to modernize warfighter needs, Air Force global communications, data strategy, open architecture infrastructure and platforms to improve data flow and analysis…read more.