How lasers can help with nuclear nonproliferation monitoring  April 13, 2020 To study hydrodynamics and evolution of uranium (U) atomic and uranium oxide (UO) molecular emission in filament-produced U plasmas researchers in the US (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, industry, University of Arizona) performed two-dimensional plume and spectral imaging. The results highlight that filament ablation of U plasmas gives a cylindrical plume morphology with an appearance of plume splitting into slow- and fast-moving components at later times of its evolution. Emission from the slow-moving component shows no distinct spectral features (i.e. broadband-like) and is contributed in part by nanoparticles generated during ultrafast laser ablation. They found U atoms […]

Revealing hidden information in sound waves   November 29, 2018 Sonar arrays are typically designed to record sounds in specific frequency ranges. Sounds with frequencies higher than an array’s intended range may confuse the system. Researchers at the University of Michigan have developed a technique that will allow just about any signal to be shifted to a frequency range where sonar arrays are no longer confused. It mathematically combines any two frequencies within the signal’s recorded frequency range, to reveal information outside that range at a new, third frequency which is the sum or difference of the two input frequencies. The additional information could boost performance […]

Artificial intelligence can predict your personality … simply by tracking your eyes

Eurekalert  July 27, 2018 An international team of researchers (Germany, Australia) used state-of-the-art machine-learning algorithms to demonstrate a link between people’s eye movements and their personality. It reveals whether they are sociable, conscientious or curious, with the algorithm software reliably recognising four of the Big Five personality traits: neuroticism, extroversion, agreeableness, and conscientiousness. The study provides new links between previously under-investigated eye movements and personality traits and delivers important insights for emerging fields of social signal processing and social robotics… read more. Open Access TECHNICAL ARTICLE