Scientists identify solid electrolyte materials that boost lithium-ion battery performance

TechXplore  September 22, 2020 To find reliable solid electrolytes a team of researchers in the US (Stanford University, industry) trained a computer algorithm to screen more than 12,000 lithium-containing compounds in a materials database. Within minutes the algorithm identified approximately 20 promising materials, including four little-known compounds made of lithium, boron and sulfur. They studied four compounds using density functional theory, which simulates how the materials would behave at the atomic level. Their findings include the following: Lithium-boron-sulfur electrolytes could be about twice as stable as the leading solid electrolytes; When mixed together, the four lithium-boron-sulfur compounds would continue functioning […]

Lean electrolyte design is a game-changer for magnesium batteries

Science Daily  December 21, 2018 Magnesium is far more common and therefore less expensive, and it’s not prone to breaches in its internal structure but magnesium batteries won’t be commercially competitive until they can store and discharge large amounts of energy. Cathode and electrolyte materials have been a stumbling block. Through the optimal combination of organic carbonyl polymer cathodes and Mg-storage-enabling electrolytes, a team of researchers in the US (University of Michigan, industry partner) has demonstrated that high specific energy, power, and cycling stability that are rarely seen in Mg batteries. They showed that in lean electrolyte conditions, the Mg2+-storing […]