Development of magneto-optic effect measurement device using dual-comb spectroscopy  November 19, 2019 Researchers in Japan developed a desktop prototype magneto-optic effect measurement device capable of evaluating the characteristics of magnetic materials with improved optical system and signal detection system its measurement performance greatly exceeds conventional measurement methods. It has magneto-optic effect measurement resolution of 0.01 degree, a wavelength resolution of 0.01 nanometer and capable of high-speed measurement through batch measurements of all wavelength components. A major feature of the prototype is its capability to measure the phase difference of light in addition to its intensity ratio. It is expected to become an important new tool for the precise […]

Combs of light for molecules

Nanowerk  March 7, 2019 Researchers in Germany review the developments and prospects in the emerging and quickly advancing field of atomic and molecular broadband spectroscopy with frequency combs. The past decade has witnessed remarkable progress in laser frequency comb generators dedicated to broadband spectroscopy, especially in the molecular-fingerprint mid-infrared (2–20 µm) region and the ultraviolet range (<400 nm). Existing spectrometers and spectrometric techniques have been adapted and improved to make the most of such sources (mode-locked lasers, nonlinear frequency conversion, microresonators, electro-optic modulators, semi-conductor lasers etc.), while entirely new comb-enabled approaches and instruments have been explored…read more. TECHNICAL ARTICLE