Reducing risk, empowering resilience to disruptive global change

MIT News  January 23, 2020 The MIT Joint Program on the Science of Global Change launched in 2019 its Adaptation-at-Scale initiative (AS-MIT) seeks evidence-based solutions to global change-driven risks. Using its Integrated Global System Modeling (IGSM) framework, as well as a suite of resource and infrastructure assessment models, AS-MIT targets, diagnoses, and projects changing risks to life-sustaining resources under impending societal and environmental stressors, and evaluates the effectiveness of potential risk-reduction measures. At an MIT Joint Program workshop aimed at providing decision-makers with actionable information on key global change concerns, the conference covered risks and resilience strategies for food, energy, […]

Are we quantum computers? International collaboration will investigate the brain’s potential for quantum computation  March 27, 2018 QuBrain project at UCSB is a collaborative project among an international team of leading scientists spanning quantum physics, molecular biology, biochemistry, colloid science and behavioral neuroscience to seek explicit experimental evidence to answer whether we might in fact be quantum computers. They will explore neuronal function with state-of-the-art technology from completely new angles. QuBrain has the potential for breakthroughs in the fields of biomaterials, biochemical catalysis, quantum entanglement in solution chemistry and mood disorders in humans, regardless of whether quantum processes indeed take place in the brain… read more.