Achieving invisibility: Cross-wavelength invisibility integrated with invisibility tactics  September 30, 2020 Oceanic animals and their predators employ a cross-wavelength detection strategy. Inspired by these animals an international team of researchers (China, USA – UC Berkeley, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Duke University) proposed a new concept of cross-wavelength invisibility that integrated a variety of invisibility tactics. They presented a Boolean metamaterial design strategy to balance divergent material requirements across cross-scale wavelengths. As a proof of concept, they simultaneously demonstrated longwave cloaking and shortwave transparency using a nanoimprinting technique. The work extended stealth techniques from individual strategies of invisibility targeting a single-wavelength spectrum to integrated invisibility targeting cross-wavelength applications. […]

China Claims Metamaterial Breakthroughs for Stealth Fighters

Next Big Future  July 30, 2019 Researchers in China claim that they created the world’s first mathematical model to precisely describe how electromagnetic waves behave when they strike a piece of metal engraved with microscopic patterns. In one test, the new technology cut the strength of a reflected radar signal – measured in decibels – by between 10 and nearly 30dB in a frequency range from 0.3 to 40 gigahertz…read more.