The chips of the future will include programmable photonic circuits

Nanowerk  October 19, 2020 The increase in complexity of circuits has introduced a generation of photonic circuits that can be programmed using software for a wide variety of functions through a mesh of on-chip waveguides, tunable beam couplers and optical phase shifters. An international team of researchers (Belgium, Spain, USA – Stanford University, MIT, Germany, Canada, Italy) discusses the state of this emerging technology, including recent developments in photonic building blocks and circuit architectures, as well as electronic control and programming strategies. They cover possible applications in linear matrix operations, quantum information processing and microwave photonics, and examine how these […]

New half-light half-matter particles may hold the key to a computing revolution

Nanowerk   October 11, 2018 An international team of researchers (UK, France) shows that by embedding the honeycomb metasurface between two reflecting mirrors and changing the distance between them, one can tune the fundamental properties of the Dirac polaritons in a simple, controllable and reversible way. They have shown the ability to slow down or even stop the Dirac particles, and modify their chirality which is impossible to do in graphene itself. The work opens the door for the development of photonic circuitry using these alternative particles and has implications for research in the field of Dirac particles…read more. Open Access […]