Solitonics in molecular wires could benefit electronics  March 24, 2020 Polyacetylene molecular wires have attracted a long-standing interest for the past 40 years. Because of recent experimental developments, individual polyacetylene chains can now be synthesized on substrates. An international team of researchers (Germany, USA – Columbia University) proposes a novel way for chemically supported soliton design in these systems. They have demonstrated how to control the soliton position and how to read it out via external means and show how extra soliton–antisoliton pairs arise when applying a moderate static electric field. The research is a step toward functionality of electronic devices based on soliton manipulation…read more. […]

Laser solitons: Theory, topology and potential applications

Science Daily  July 31, 2019 Solitons have found applications in data transmission but even these gradually dissipate unless the medium they travel through has ultra-low absorbance. In computer simulations researchers in Russia found that suggesting that it was theoretically possible to produce a stable soliton in a wide-aperture laser if it was stabilised by external radiation. Beginning from geometrically one-dimensional and turning to two-dimensional and then to three-dimensional solitons they demonstrated the evolution of the features. When the remaining questions are answered, the stability of these solitons and their topology suggest potential applications in storing digital information…read more. TECHNICAL ARTICLE