University of Illinois researchers demonstrate new capability for cooling electronics

EurekAlert  February 1, 2020 Air jet cooling systems are not widely used today because of their complexity and weight. A team of researchers in the US (Arizona State University, University of Illinois) has demonstrated a new type of air jet cooler that overcomes previous barriers to jet cooling systems. Using additive manufacturing and strong polymer materials, the researchers created an air jet cooling system that can direct high-speed air onto multiple electronics hot spots. The cooling system can withstand the harsh conditions associated with high-speed air jets. The design freedom of additive manufacturing allows creating cooling solutions that have sizes […]

Coating helps electronics stay cool by sweating

EurekAlert  January 22, 2020 For cooling in phones, phase change materials, such as waxes and fatty acids are used for absorbing heat produced by devices when they melt. However, the total amount of energy exchanged during the solid-liquid transition is relatively low. Researchers in China found MOFs were the most promising for absorbing moisture from the air and release water vapor when heated as they can store a large amount of water and thus take away more heat when heated. They found that MIL-101Cr coating was able to delay the temperature rise of the sheets, and the effect increased with […]