Researchers develop one-way street for electrons  April 9, 2020 The underlying principle of ratcheting is to convert a fluctuating, unbiased force into unidirectional motion. A team of researchers in the US (University of North Carolina, Vanderbilt University, Duke University) reports the ratcheting of electrons at room temperature using a semiconductor nanowire with precisely engineered asymmetry. Modulation of the nanowire diameter creates a cylindrical sawtooth geometry with broken inversion symmetry on a nanometer-length scale. In a two-terminal device, this structure responded as a three-dimensional geometric diode that funnels electrons preferentially in one direction through specular reflection of quasi-ballistic electrons at the nanowire surface. The ratcheting effect […]

Intel’s new AI chips can crunch data 1,000 times faster than normal ones

MIT Technology Review  July 16, 2019 Intel has just unveiled Pohoiki Beach, a system that contains 64 of its Loihi AI processors with neuromorphic chips. They can perform certain data-crunching tasks up to 1,000 times faster than more general-purpose processors such as CPUs and GPUs, while using much less power. The company will produce a system capable of simulating 100 million neurons by the end of 2019. Researchers will then be able to apply it to a whole new set of applications…read more.