A milestone in quantum physics: Physicists successfully carry out the controlled transport of stored light

Nanowerk  October 13, 2020 Quantum memories for light, realized with cold atomic samples as the storage medium, are prominent for their high storage efficiencies and lifetime. Researchers in Germany used ultra-cold rubidium-87 atoms as a storage medium for the light as to achieve a high level of storage efficiency and a long lifetime. They transported the stored light over 1.2 mm. They showed that the transport process and its dynamics only have a minor effect on the coherence of the storage. Extending the presented concept to longer transport distances and augmenting the number of storage sections will allow for the […]

A quantum memory that operates at telecom wavelengths

Phys.org  June 15, 2020 Researchers in the Netherlands designed and fabricated the fully engineerable, device with operational wavelength of 1550 nanometers to enable the system to work in the low-loss telecommunication band wavelength. The system’s optical and mechanical resonances are fully artificial. They were able to show that the memory has a satisfactory lifetime and coherence while successfully creating the superposition state. In future studies, they plan to gain a better understanding of why the de-phasing of a quantum state, to avoid having such a short coherence, understand the underlying microscopic mechanisms, and increase the overall efficiency of the memory. […]