Solving complex problems at the speed of light

EurekAlert  January 14, 2020 The inability of conventional electronic architectures to efficiently solve large combinatorial problems motivates the development of novel computational hardware. Researchers at MIT present the Photonic Recurrent Ising Sampler (PRIS), a heuristic method tailored for parallel architectures allowing fast and efficient sampling from distributions of arbitrary Ising problems. Since the PRIS relies on vector-to-fixed matrix multiplications, implementing of the PRIS in photonic parallel networks will realize operations at an unprecedented speed…read more. Open Access TECHNICAL ARTICLE  

Common frame for analyzing complex systems in physics and economics  January 10, 2019 An international team of researchers (Italy, the Netherlands, UK) provides a common frame in which one tool can be applied to both network reconstruction and pattern detection, and even to fundamental aspects of statistical physics. They have found that in some cases, networks behave as an intermediate between Fermi-Dirac systems, where particles cannot be in the same state, and Bose-Einstein systems, where no such restriction is in place. More recently they identified a new mechanism responsible for the breaking of a century-old assumption in statistical physics—namely, the equivalence of canonical and microcanonical ensembles, which are traditionally […]