Alert system shows potential for reducing deforestation, mitigating climate change

Science Daily  January 4, 2021 Global Land Analysis and Discovery System (GLAD), launched in 2016, delivers alerts created by the University of Maryland’s Global Land Analysis and Discovery lab based on high-resolution satellite imaging from NASA’s Landsat Science program. The information is made available to subscribers via the interactive web application, Global Forest Watch. A team of researchers in the US (University of Wisconsin, Oregon State University, World Resources Institute, Washington, University of Maryland) looked at deforestation in 22 nations in the tropics in South America, Africa, and Asia between 2011 and 2018 — the last five years before GLAD […]

Brown carbon ‘tarballs’ detected in Himalayan atmosphere

Science Daily  November 4, 2020 Primary brown carbon (BrC) co-emitted with black carbon from biomass burning is an important light-absorbing carbonaceous aerosol. An international team of researchers (China, USA – Georgia Institute of Technology, UK, Hungary) detected light-absorbing tarballs at microscopic scale collected on the northern slope of the Himalayas. About 28% of thousands of individual particles were tarballs. Air mass trajectories, satellite detection, and Weather Research and Forecasting model coupled to Chemistry (WRF-Chem) simulations all indicated that these tarballs were emitted from biomass burning in the Indo-Gangetic Plain. According to the researchers climate model simulation shows a significant heating […]

Chilling Report Suggests 1 Out of 5 Countries Could Be Headed For Ecosystem Collapse

Science Alert  October 15, 2020 The world’s wealth is built on our planet’s natural ecosystems, and if those collapse, so too might our global economy, experts warn. The Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Index published by the Swiss Re Institute has found just over half of all global GDP – nearly 42 trillion US dollars – is dependent on goods and services provided by the natural world. The index was designed to give governments and businesses a benchmark for the state of local ecosystems important to their economies, in the hope that the data can help inform relevant insurance solutions for […]

Smaller scale solutions needed for rapid progress towards emissions targets

Science Daily  April 2, 2020 Of the 45 energy technologies deemed critical by the International Energy Agency for meeting global climate targets, 38 need to improve substantially in cost and performance while accelerating deployment over the next decades. An international team of researchers (Austria, UK, Portugal, Canada) focus on the appropriate scale of technological responses in the energy system on the specific needs of accelerated low-carbon transformation, synthesize evidence on energy end-use technologies in homes, transport, and industry, as well as electricity generation and energy supply and go beyond technical and economic considerations to include innovation, investment, deployment, social, and […]