Terahertz accelerates beyond 5G towards 6G

TechXplore  February 1, 2021
Researchers in Japan configured a two-channel terahertz transmitter (Tx) by modulating the output of a laser pair with wavelengths in the 1.55-micron band, which was set so that the frequency difference was in the 300-GHz band, with an 8K video signal source using an intensity modulator and converting it into terahertz waves using an ultrafast photodiode. After the wirelessly transmitted terahertz waves were detected by sensitive terahertz coherent receivers (Rxs) using resonant tunnel diodes (RTDs) they were split from the two channels into four channels and connected to an 8K monitor via HDMI cable. Using this system, uncompressed 8K video (equivalent to 48 Gbit/s) was successfully transmitted wirelessly using terahertz waves. According to the researchers it demonstrates the usefulness of terahertz waves and is expected to accelerate research and development activities for the realization of beyond 5G and eventually 6G. Such uncompressed wireless transmission technology for UHD video will enhance the quality of telemedicine and telework…read more.

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