Quantum systems learn joint computing

Phy.org  February 5, 2021
The big challenge in quantum computing is to realize scalable multi-qubit systems with cross-talk–free addressability and efficient coupling of arbitrarily selected qubits. Quantum networks promise a solution by integrating smaller qubit modules to a larger computing cluster. Such a distributed architecture, however, requires the capability to execute quantum-logic gates between distant qubits. An international team of researchers (Germany, Spain) experimentally realized such a gate over 60 meters. They employed an ancillary photon that they successively reflected from two remote qubit modules, followed by a heralding photon detection, which triggers a final qubit rotation. They used the gate for remote entanglement creation of all four Bell states. The nonlocal quantum-logic gate could be extended both to multiple qubits and many modules for a tailor-made multi-qubit computing register… read more. TECHNICAL ARTICLE

…The two qubit modules reside in different laboratories of the same building and are connected by an optical fiber. The computation operation is mediated by a single photon (flying red sphere) that interacts successively with the two modules. Credit: Stephan Welte/Severin Daiss, MPQ

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