Quantum effects help minimize communication flaws

EurekAlert  February 10, 2021
Both quantum computation and quantum communication are strongly deteriorated because quantum superposition state can be destroyed, or entanglement between two or more quantum particles can be lost. An international team of researchers (Austria, UK, Hong Kong, Switzerland, France, Canada) experimentally and numerically compare different ways in which two trajectories through a pair of noisy channels can be superposed. They observed that, within the framework of quantum interferometry, the use of channels in series with quantum-controlled operations generally yields the largest advantages. The results contribute to clarify the nature of these advantages in experimental quantum-optical scenarios and showcase the benefit of an extension of the quantum communication paradigm in which both the information exchanged and the trajectory of the information carriers are quantum…read more. Open Access TECHNICAL ARTICLE¬†

Experimental XY channel noise data… Credit: Phys. Rev. Research 3, 013093, 29 January 2021

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