A sharper look at the interior of semiconductors

Science Daily  February 17, 2021
To investigate complex, functional, nanoscopic structures of semiconductor devices researchers in Germany¬†have developed an imaging procedure using extreme ultraviolet coherence tomography. It is based on optical coherence tomography used in ophthalmology. They demonstrated the method at a laser-driven broadband extreme ultraviolet radiation source, based on high-harmonic generation. They showed that, besides nanoscopic axial resolution, the spectral reflectivity of all layers in a sample can be obtained using algorithmic phase reconstruction. This provides localized, spectroscopic, material-specific information of the sample. The method can be applied in semiconductor production, lithographic mask inspection, or quality control of multilayer fabrication. It paves the way for the investigation of ultrafast nanoscopic effects at functional buried interfaces…read more. Open Access TECHNICAL ARTICLE

Sketch of the reconstruction algorithm:…Credit: Optica Vol. 8, Issue 2, pp. 230-238 (2021)

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