This robot doesn’t need any electronics

Science Daily  February 17, 2021
Pneumatically actuated soft robots are controlled with bulky and expensive electromechanical components. Researchers at UC San Diego have created a soft-legged robot using simple pneumatic circuits without any electronic components. Locomotive gaits are produced using ring oscillators composed of soft valves that generate oscillating signals analogous to biological central pattern generator neural circuits, which are acted upon by pneumatic logic components in response to sensor inputs. The robot requires only a constant source of pressurized air to power both control and actuation systems. The circuits generate walking gaits with three degrees of freedom per leg using three pneumatic memory elements and switches between gaits to control the direction of locomotion. With two oscillator circuits (seven valves), they were able to improve locomotion speed by 270%. This work represents a step toward fully autonomous, electronics-free walking robots for applications including low-cost robotics for entertainment and systems and MRI machines or mine shafts for operation in environments where electronics may not be suitable…read more. Open Access TECHNICAL ARTICLE 

Soft-legged untethered quadruped robot with a bioinspired gait pattern controlled with an electronics-free pneumatic actuation system. Credit: Science Robotics 17 Feb 2021: Vol. 6, Issue 51, eaay2627

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