Top 10 Science and Technology Inventions for the Week of November 29, 2019

01. Novel memory device can be written on and read out optically or electrically
02. Laser combo opens up futuristic terahertz technology
03. Molecular eraser enables better data storage and computers for AI
04. Toward more efficient computing, with magnetic waves
05. Sniffing Out Errors
06. Black silicon can help detect explosives
07. A Graphene Waveguide For Electrons
08. NASA rockets study why tech goes haywire near poles
09. Gene Editors Could Find New Use as Rapid Detectors of Pathogenic Threats
10. New technology developed to improve forecasting of Earthquakes, Tsunamis

And others…

How Brexit Will Affect Europe’s Research Infrastructure
Metal-organic framework captures and converts toxic air pollutant into industrial chemical
Nine climate tipping points now ‘active,’ warn scientists
Researchers uncover key reaction that influences growth of potentially harmful particles in atmosphere
Scientists develop electrochemical platform for cell-free synthetic biology

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