Scientists develop ultra-thin terahertz source  March 30, 2021
One of the biggest challenges in terahertz technology is that commonly accepted ‘intense terahertz source’ is faint and bulky. To overcome these limitations researchers in the UK developed terahertz sources from extremely thin materials (about 25 atomic layers). By illuminating an electronic-grade semiconductor with two different types of lasers light, each oscillating at different frequency they were able to elicit the emission of short bursts of Terahertz radiation. The emission region of their new development, a semiconductor source of terahertz, is 10 times thinner than previously achieved, with comparable or even better performances. They are able to place a terahertz source in places that would have been inconceivable otherwise, opening huge potential for anti-counterfeiting and ‘the internet of things’ and 6G mobile phone technology…read more. Open Access TECHNICAL ARTICLE¬†

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