Remote control for quantum emitters

Science Daily  March 12, 2021
An international team of researchers (Austria, Spain) developed a method to individually address quantum emitters using tailored light pulses based on chirped light. In structures with certain electromagnetic properties, such as waveguides, the frequencies propagate at different speeds. If the initial conditions of the light pulse is correctly set, the pulse compresses itself at a certain distance. They analytically describe how the compression distance and width of the pulse can be tuned through its initial parameters. They showed that the interaction of such pulses with a quantum emitter is highly sensitive to its position due to effective Landau-Zener processes induced by the pulse chirping. Their results propose pulse engineering as a powerful control and probing tool in the field of quantum emitters coupled to structured reservoirs. They showed that the method works not only with light or electromagnetic pulses, but also with other waves such as lattice oscillations or magnetic excitations…read more. TECHNICAL ARTICLE

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