Rare open-access quantum computer now operational

EurekAlert  March 15, 2021
Scientists worldwide can use ion-based testbed at Sandia National Laboratories QSCOUT for research that might not be possible at their home institutions, without the cost or restrictions of using a commercial testbed. QSCOUT serves a need in the quantum community by gives users an uncommon amount of control over their research, opportunity to study the machine itself, which are not yet available in commercial quantum computing systems. It also saves theorists and scientists from the trouble of building their own machines. Sandia hopes to gain new insights into quantum performance and architecture as well as solve problems that require quantum computation. Researchers from Indiana University, IBM, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the University of New Mexico and the University of California, Berkeley, have been selected to begin experiments soon. Their projects range from testing benchmarking techniques to developing algorithms that could someday solve problems too complex for normal computers. They plan to expand the system from three to 32 qubits over the next three years so scientists can perform more sophisticated tests…read more.

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