This tiny device can scavenge wind energy from the breeze you make when you walk

TechXplore  September 23, 2020
A breeze as gentle as 1.6 m/s (3.6 mph) was enough to power the triboelectric nanogenerator designed by an international team of researchers (China, Singapore). The nanogenerator performs at its best when wind velocity is between 4 to 8 m/s (8.9 to 17.9 mph), a speed that allows the two plastic strips to flutter in sync.[see embedded video]. The device also has a high wind-to-energy conversion efficiency of 3.23%. Currently the device can power up 100 LED lights and temperature sensors. Unlike wind turbines, this device is made of low-cost materials and it can be safely applied to nature reserves or cities because it does not have the rotating structures. They plan to develop a tiny nanogenarator to combine with small electronic devices such as phones to provide sustainable electric power. They also hope to scale up the device to produce 1,000 watts, which can be placed on the mountains or on the top of buildings for sustainable energy…read more. Open Access TECHNICAL ARTICLE

The Bernoulli Effect Applied to Wind Energy Harvesting. Credit: Cell Reports – Physical Science VOLUME 1, ISSUE 9, 100207, SEPTEMBER 23, 2020

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