Liquid crystals create easy-to-read, color-changing sensors

Nanowerk  July 11, 2020
Inspired by the ability of chameleons to change color by using temperature to direct the skin tissue that contains nanocrystals reflecting light, to expand or contract, an international team of researchers (USA – University of Chicago, University of South Carolina, University of North Texas, Cornell University, Argonne National Laboratory, Mexico, Turkey, Colombia) has developed a way to stretch and strain liquid crystals to generate different colors. They dispersed chiral droplets in polymer films and deformed it by inducing uniaxial or biaxial stretching. Their measurements are interpreted by resorting to simulations of the corresponding systems, thereby providing an in-depth understanding of the morphologies that arise in these materials. The reported structures and assemblies offer potential for applications in smart coatings, smart fabrics, and wearable sensors…read more. Open Access TECHNICAL ARTICLE

…This could be applied in smart coatings, sensors, and wearable electronics. Credit: Image courtesy of Oleg Lavrentovich, Liquid Crystal Institute, Kent State University

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