Harvesting hydrogen from nanogardens

Nanowerk  July 3, 2020
By manipulating (electro)chemical gradients using a combined hydrothermal and electrodeposition strategy, an international team of researchers (China, the Netherlands) has shown the controlled growth of Co(OH)2 nanostructures, mimicking the process of garden cultivation. The resulting “nano-garden” can selectively contain different patterns, all of which can be fully phosphidated into CoP without losing the structural integrity. Under pH-universal conditions, the CoP “soil + flower-with-stem” structure shows a much more “effective” surface area for gas-evolving reactions with lower activation and concentration overpotentials. This provides superior bifunctional catalytic activity for both reactions, outperforming noble metal counterparts…read more. Open Access TECHNICAL ARTICLE

The comparison of (a) LSVs, (b) overpotentials and (c) Tafel slopes for various nanomaterials in HER…Credit: Journal of Materials Chemistry A, Issue 16, 2020 

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