Generator developed for harvesting energy from droplets  July 8, 2020
An international team of researchers (the Netherlands, China) has designed a charge trapping‐based electricity generator (CTEG) for passive energy harvesting from water droplets with high efficiency. The hydrophobic fluoropolymer films utilized in CTEG are pre‐charged by a homogeneous electrowetting‐assisted charge injection method, allowing an ultrahigh negative charge density. By connecting the bottom electrode and top electrode of a Pt wire, instantaneous current is generated from continuously falling water droplets. CTEG devices have shown robustness without appreciable degradation for intermittent testing during 100 days. The approach is applicable for energy harvesting from wave‐like oscillatory fluid motion. it has applications requiring passive electric responses, such as diverse sensors and wearable devices…read more. TECHNICAL ARTICLE  1 (open access) , 

Schematic of the h‐EWCI method… Credit: Advanced Materials (2020)

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