Geoengineering is just a partial solution to fight climate change

Science Daily  July 20, 2020
In theory, spraying sulfur dioxide into the upper atmosphere at different locations, to form sulfuric acid clouds that block some solar radiation, could be adjusted every year to keep global warming at levels set in the Paris goals. According to a team of researchers in the US (UC Davis, UC Berkeley) no single technology to combat climate change will fully address the growing crisis, and we need to stop burning fossil fuels and aggressively harness wind and solar energy to power society ASAP. The regional impacts of geoengineering, including on precipitation and the Antarctic ozone layer hole, depend on how much greenhouse gas emissions from humanity are being reduced simultaneously. If carbon dioxide emissions from burning coal, oil and natural gas continue unabated, geoengineering would not prevent large decreases in precipitation and depletion of the life-sustaining ozone layer. The study was done with only one climate model. Other studies are needed to check the robustness of the results and to further examine the potential risks of any geoengineering scheme…read more. Open Access TECHNICAL ARTICLE

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