China 2035 Plan is Half as Many Aircraft Carrier Groups as USA

Next Big FutureĀ  July 21, 2020
China plans to build at least six aircraft battle groups by 2035, two aircraft carrier groups for each area (Yellow Sea, East and South China seas). They developed the insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) chip which enables high-efficiency electric energy conversion systems for electromagnetic aircraft launchers. China is expected to launch its next-generation aircraft carrier within a year and construction on a sister ship for the new giant vessel has been hastened. They are not nuclear powered and should be roughly equal to the UK Queen Elizabeth 2 aircraft carriers. Their fifth aircraft carrier should be nuclear powered and would start to get close to US super-carrier capability. Two of the UK type aircraft carriers would be about equal to one of the US supercarriers. The US will have 11-12 super-carrier groups at any time and about nine or ten smaller jump jet carriers… read more.

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