‘Hot and messy’ entanglement of 15 trillion atoms

Nanowerk  May 15, 2020
Quantum technologies often employ strong cooling and isolation to protect entangled entities from decoherence by random interactions. Researchers in Spain heated a collection of atoms to 450 Kelvin. The individual atoms collided with each other every few microseconds, and each collision set their electrons spinning in random directions. They observed an enormous number of entangled atoms – about 100 times more than ever before observed. The entanglement is non-local and the entanglement remains for about 1 millisecond, which means that 1000 times per second a new batch of 15 trillion atoms is being entangled. This clearly shows that the entanglement is not destroyed by these random events. The observation paves the way for ultra-sensitive magnetic field detection, in magnetoencephalography, a new generation of sensors…read more. Open Access TECHNICAL ARTICLE

Artistic illustration of a cloud of atoms with pairs of particles entangled between each other, represented by the yellow-blue lines. Credit: ICFO

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