Pathways toward realizing the promise of all-solid-state batteries

Nanowerk  March 13, 2020
Though promising all-solid-state batteries (ASSBs) still face barriers that limit their practical application such as poor interfacial stability, scalability challenges and production safety. In this review article researchers at UC San Diego seek to evaluate solid-state electrolytes beyond conventional factors and offer a perspective on various bulk, interface and nanoscale phenomena that require urgent attention within the scientific community. They provide a realistic assessment of the current state-of-the-art characterization techniques and evaluate future full cell ASSB prototyping strategies. They hope to offer rational solutions to overcome some major fundamental obstacles faced by the ASSB community, as well as potential strategies toward a sustainable ASSB recycling model…read more. Open Access TECHNICAL ARTICLE

Illustration of various recycling methods with reference to direct battery recycling method proposed in solid state batteries. Credit: Nature Nanotechnology

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