Cutting through fog with laser focus  January 7, 2020
Most of the previous studies demonstrated spatial focusing to the speckle grain size, and manipulation of the temporal properties of the achieved focus. Researchers in Australia demonstrate an approach to control the total temporal impulse response, not only at a single speckle grain but overall spatial degrees of freedom (spatial and polarization modes) at any arbitrary delay time through a multimode fiber. Global enhancement or suppression of the total light intensity exiting a multimode fibre is shown for arbitrary delays and polarization states. This work could benefit to applications that require pulse delivery in disordered media, controlling light in scattering materials, such as fog or biological tissues, will benefit future biomedical imaging and telecommunications…read more. Open Access TECHNICAL ARTICLE 

Apparatus of the experimental setup. Credit: Nature Communications volume 10, Article number: 5085 (2019) 

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