First steps towards revolutionary ULTRARAM™ memory chips

Science Daily  March 29, 2021
Researchers in the UK have implemented ULTRARAM which is a III-V compound semiconductor memory concept that exploits quantum resonant tunneling to achieve nonvolatility at extremely low switching energy per unit area. They exploited resonant tunneling that allows a barrier to switch from opaque to transparent by applying a small voltage. ULTRARAM™, is a working implementation of the so-called ‘universal memory’, with all the advantages of DRAM and flash, with none of the drawbacks. They integrated ULTRARAM™ devices into small (4-bit) arrays which allowed them to experimentally verify the memory architecture that would form the basis of future ULTRARAM™ memory chips. The devices are 2,000 times faster than the first prototypes, and with program/erase cycling endurance that is at least ten times better than flash, without any compromise in data retention…read more. Open Access TECHNICAL ARTICLE¬†

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