Comprehensive report on pandemic response solutions developed by 180 leading experts

MIT News  March 30, 2021
When WHO declared COVID -19 outbreak a pandemic the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence, MIT Media Lab’s Community Biotechnology Initiative, and MilliporeSigma together convened more than 180 thought leaders from around the globe to collaborate asynchronously and rapidly identify solutions. The effort resulted in a comprehensive report that synthesizes data-driven insights from this expert group, known as the “Pandemic Response Supermind,” outlining the most promising solutions for pandemic response. They identified gaps and innovative solutions across five key technical areas of pandemic response, including: transmission control; diagnostics and monitoring; access to therapies and vaccines; sharing and communicating scientific insights; and pandemic preparedness. In total, 243 individual ideas were put forward during the exercise. These efforts have the potential to usher in a paradigm shift across scientific industries. The team will expand upon their work in 2021, convening a second “Supermind” to identify and apply the lessons learned from Covid-19 to develop actionable solutions that will usher in the future of life science in a post-pandemic world…read more.

Credit: MIT

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