Scientists have synthesized a new high-temperature superconductor  March 10, 2021
An international team of researchers (Russia, USA – University of Chicago, Spain, Italy, China)¬†performed theoretical and experimental research on yttrium hydride (YH6), one among the three highest-temperature superconductors known to date. All these hydrides reach their maximum superconductivity temperatures at very high pressures. The current challenge is to attain room-temperature superconductivity at lower pressures. In the case of YH6, the agreement between theory and experiment is rather poor. For example, the critical magnetic field observed in the experiment is 2 to 2.5 times greater as compared to theoretical predictions. This is the first-time scientists encounter such a discrepancy which is yet to be explained. Perhaps, some additional physical effects contribute to this material’s superconductivity and were not accounted for in theoretical calculations…read more. TECHNICAL ARTICLE

Scientists have synthesized a new high-temperature superconductor. Credit: Ivan A. Troyan, Materials

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