Big breakthrough for ‘massless’ energy storage

Science Daily  March 22, 2021
Stiff and strong batteries that use solid‐state electrolytes and resilient electrodes and separators are generally lacking. Researchers in Sweden have demonstrated a structural battery composite with unprecedented multifunctional performance featuring an energy density of 24 Wh kg−1 and an elastic modulus of 25 GPa and tensile strength exceeding 300 MPa. The structural battery is made from multifunctional constituents, where reinforcing carbon fibers (CFs) act as electrode and current collector. A structural electrolyte is used for load transfer and ion transport and a glass fiber fabric separates the CF electrode from an aluminum foil‐supported lithium–iron–phosphate positive electrode. The battery performs ten times better than all previous versions, will make lighter cars, aircraft and consumer goods making them more energy efficient…read more. Open Access TECHNICAL ARTICLE 

Structural battery composite fabrication, showing the steps. Credit: Advanced Energy and Sustainability Research, 2021; 2 (3): 000093

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